Hardscaping refers to the man-made parts that are used in a Landscape design, as opposed to the plant-life used. Aspects of hardscaping can be as small as a custom wood or stone border (lining flowerbeds, perhaps), to larger structures such as fountains, paved paths, or stone walls. Jay uses a variety of hardscaping materials and techniques like creative mulch and stone installation, pathways, patios, and even statuaries to create a well-balanced atmosphere in your personalized outdoor environment. Jay will also utilize retention walls where needed, to provide extra support to non-level dirt and prevent erosion — preserving your personal paradise. If hardscaping and soft-scaping were the structures making up a house, hardscaping would be the wood studs, and the concrete blocks. In contrast, Soft-scaping (the plant-life) would be the carpeting and insulation.

  • Retention walls
  • Custom stone borders
  • creative pathways, patios and statuaries
  • Creative mulch and stone installation