Project Description

When asked for a solution to soften/hide this generator which was killing all life in front of it from’s my answer.
3 different types of field stone for a dimensional groovy
patina effect,
& will improve with age. All fastened with my secret sauce.
Instead of the threadbare plants that generally get
stuffed in corners of properties, why not bring
some choice tiering contrast and texture?.
Also used is my signature black aluminum edging surrounding the feature separating the mulch
from the breathtaking Bengal polished beach pebble’s,
with a 4-inch multi-colored crush granite base underneath?
And running alongside, Awabuki Viburnum for a
hawaiian island shrub flavor of the vibe.

Too blessed to be stressed!

Many install filler on the sides of their property.
No worries, I’ll take the lead.
Side’s of property are all
killer & no filler.
And while you’re at it,
put some whimsical of color on it.