Project Description

Here’s a Xeroscape Recycle(r) project we just completed.
The project is named “Re-Up The Cycle”.
This is a 20-year client whom yearly we tune/tailor and refresh the beach sand for.
We selectively removed many
plants and split them up and reconfigured everything
to a new world.

There were also potted plants that were removed
,& split up, the 3 Snake plants behind the pool
were behind the garage in a pot.
The border by the front porch was leftover from
a stash at my shop.
I roll only with black aluminum but for this client
and the desire to get rid of it made for a
perfect solution.
I also had some of that multi-colored crushed
granite leftover, so in the gravel went.
Also plants like the border grass liriope look
trampled or flat, that’s perfectly normal
when transplanting them, in 5 days they’ll
be true to form.

There was also white marble chips around
the stepping stone that’s behind the pool equipment.
I chose to use it in the bed picked because
we discovered the aloe plants buried in foliage, transplanted them
and in my taste, aloe plants don’t “speak” with
mulch surrounding them.
The client did not like the marble chips, so we installed
my signature River Jack and sealed it with
my secret creation sealer.
The stone has much more variation in pastel
colors. It’s wet so the tones are flattened.
But in 3 hours, here comes the magic!
The reason I
revealed this is because of selection
of materials and plants were all based on
I could feel the genuine connection i
have between my mind, the plants and feel.

Many plants were also slightly moved and