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The Phyla of Multicellular Organisms and Dimensional Color


Here is the latest project from the canvas of the Kafcas.
The creative juices were flowing and much
thanks to The Greenery of Tampa Bay nursery.
They have the best selection of plant material
in Florida.
Willie Martinez, I’m feelin’ those purple Nandina!
When I install annuals, I use a grower who grows them from seed and purchases the same soil he grows
them in plus I use the same fertilizer blend/
bloom boost as Busch Gardens😉.
I also don’t “stripe and stagger” like the
rest of the pack with my annuals design.
I “bouquet and beautify”.

Also, we perform quarterly tune-ups for the client
where we perform selective pruning,
unique pest & disease control and put the
lovin’ touch on the perennials giving them a happy
extended life.

The irrigation system was redesigned to conserve water and saturate the plants in minimal time.
We installed a cutting-edge new rain sensor as

Also, we installed my sig black aluminum border
to retain mulch and stone.
It was my suggestion to use much more stone than mulch.
The client’s property now will need 20 bags of pine bark verse 90 as before to re-mulch
and the stone is sealed with my invented secret sauce.

The plants will feather out in a cosmos like
fashion so the stone and border will not be
so visual.

I create by these words:

“The details are not the details,
the details are the design”.

And remember!

“We will photosynthesize your passion,
with our creativity “.

Much love,


Choose Lasting Plant Life for Heavy Filtered Light to Shade Areas.


Here’s a property we relandscaped from 3 years ago.
This is to demonstrate my ability to choose lasting plant life for heavy filtered light to shade areas.
The variegated jasmine minima on each side of the front door were installed 3 months ago.
The large podocarpus shrubs were 7 years ago that
we installed them.
Also, I realize the front walk needs a pressure wash and my company will now offer garden friendly intuitive pressure washing.
Mainly in a package deal with a property makeover.
Some select properties, pressure washing will be available.

A Redesigned the Property


This property the client had recently landscaped the
property and weren’t happy with what the company
So we came in a removed most everything and I redesigned the property, installed annuals( we install new annuals
every quarter for the client).
We also removed the prior walkway and installed what you see.
All the crushed custom colored granite will not move from traffic or monsoon rains.😉
I had the stepping stones custom made and they are anchored in and don’t move.
We also completely renovated the sprinkler system

Elevated Landscape Bed


Here’s the hardscaping retention wall we created.

This will never shift or “buckle”.
Won’t erode around the inner edges either.
It won’t stain from algae/soil in the joints.
Built to last and keep its class.

after 6 months of being installed. I have my own technique that ensures no shifting or “buckling”.
Also, there will be no erosion of soil on the inside
wall and no algae stain age in the joints.

With all my retaining/elevated landscape beds,
We return after 6 months for observation
and modifications.
With this process, we bring my “special blend”
of filler soil to top off the backfill and
add a unique product that allows
the client and myself to “set and forget”.

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